Wine Collecting - Building Your Wine Cellar

There are few things more satisfying than pulling a perfectly stored bottle to share with friends and family. Wine collecting is something we have a tremendous passion for; from selecting the wines to patiently storing them under the right circumstances, to ultimately watching the fruit of that patience pour into the glass to be shared and enjoyed. It is an ancient and hedonistic practice and one with which we are intimately familiar. We are not simply a wine merchant, we are wine collectors first and foremost. Wine collecting and cellaring is certainly fun, but it's something best done in a methodical, purposeful manner. A wine being delicious today does not necessarily make it a good candidate for a wine cellar, and the variables that do are not often revealed without great time and experience. When you you look to build your wine collection, it is experience and expertise that you will want. It is precisely these qualities which make us such an ideal partner in your endeavor. 

We are not a wine store occasionally helping to build a cellar - it's at the heart of what we do! We've been helping to build some of the world's greatest wine collections for over twenty-five years. In fact it's the very genesis of our business. We began not as a wine store, but as a guiding service for some of the great collectors.  It was another twelve years before we opened to the public as a full-service wine merchant. For decades we have helped to design, source, and cellar some of the largest and most important wine collections world wide. We have excellent knowledge and personal experience with the great wines of the world, from the way they age to the best way to source both current and mature vintages. We understand the potential risks and issues with certain wines and with wine collecting in general, and can help our clients avoid any pitfalls. This may not seem important in the beginning, but any auction house or rare wine merchant has innumerable stories of wine cellars being appraised where 50-85+% of the wine lost essentially all of it's value, a problem easily avoided with experienced guidance. We can help you determine what you'll need now, and in ten, twenty, and thirty years down the line, and can help craft a cellar to fit your needs in a wide variety of budgets. 

Whether you are just beginning or very experienced, we would love to offer you our help. Whether you have a single question, want to bounce a few thoughts off of someone, or need us to design your cellar from the ground up, this is what we do. And we LOVE doing it. 

Remember, there is no special occasion wine - great wine makes any occasion special! There is nothing more we'd love to do than help you build a cellar full of future special occasions. For more information, contact Ben Aneff directly, via phone at 212-393-1400 or email at


P.S. Below you will find a few examples of wines we believe made good additions to a cellar, as well as a few "end results," mature wines we are excited to see in a mature cellar. This is by no means a thorough list, simply a small snapshot of great wine.
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Ch. Lynch Bages
Ch. Lynch Bages 2010  750ml
  Sku: 26779
Bottle Price: $300.00

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Chateau Latour
Chateau Latour 2019  750ml
  Sku: 5203
Bottle Price: $1199.00

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Dal Forno Amarone
Dal Forno Amarone 2012  750ml
  Sku: 19319
Bottle Price: $399.00

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