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Shipping and Delivery Fine Print
Title and ownership on all Wine passes to the buyer at the time of purchase. If you require that your wine be shipped, you authorize Tribeca Wine Merchants to engage a common carrier to deliver the wine on your behalf. IF YOU CHOOSE TO SHIP YOUR WINE TO A NON-RECIPROCAL STATE, YOU ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR COMPLYING WITH YOUR STATE'S LAWS REGARDING ALCOHOL SHIPMENTS.
You must be 21 years of age to order or receive alcoholic beverages from Tribeca Wine Merchants. Any shipments containing alcoholic beverages are sent with an "Adult Signature Required", and the common carrier that delivers our merchandise is required to ask and check for identification upon delivery, which may require you to be home in order to accept delivery.
Buyer takes all responsibility for the product being transported to the buyer’s selected destination. Buyer may pick up the product at Seller’s location or make independent delivery arrangements. Sales tax will be applied based on either the Seller’s location, or the delivery location where appropriate, subject to changes to comply with federal and state laws. Seller makes no representation as to the legal rights of anyone to deliver or import any alcoholic beverages or other goods into any state. Buyer warrants he or she is solely responsible for the transport of the purchased products, and for determining the legality and the tax/duty consequences of bringing the products to the buyer’s chosen destination.  All taxes, duties, and/or tariffs imposed at the time of delivery are the sole responsibility of the Buyer and must be remitted prior to the release of the wines and/or spirits. 
Because we have no control over the temperature conditions at any 3rd party carriers' warehouses, we attempt to deliver wines to our 3rd party carrier at the beginning of each week so that you can receive your wine before the weekend. As a result, your wine may not be delivered to our 3rd party carrier the day that you place your order. Please understand that during business hours, your orders are packaged and scheduled for delivery, but may be delayed until ideal conditions for shipment arise.
Some of our wines are sold on a "pre-arrival" or "futures" basis. These products are explicitly indicated as such on our Web site, email newsletter, or directly via email correspondence, along with the expected (but not guaranteed) arrival dates. Tribeca Wine Merchants will notify you by phone or email when your pre-arrivals have arrived and are ready to be shipped. You will be given the opportunity to coordinate the proper delivery or shipping address and method (we don't automatically ship out wines when they arrive without contacting you first).
You are reminded that various states impose limitations on the quantity of alcoholic beverages which may be purchased and brought into their jurisdiction without requiring the purchaser, the seller or the shipper to possess certain licenses or permits. Tribeca Wine Merchants, does NOT, as a condition of sale, assume any obligation nor bear any responsibility whatsoever for applying for or obtaining any such permits or licenses. Therefore, you are strongly advised to investigate such limitations and to determine the manner in which alcoholic beverages may lawfully be brought into states other than New York. You are responsible for all applicable excise, use and sales taxes due to your state related to the purchase of any taxable goods.
Tribeca Wine Merchants makes no representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship or import wines into any state outside of New York. The Buyer is solely responsible for the shipment of wines and is responsible for any loss or damage to goods once they have left our premises. By placing an order and requesting shipment or delivery, you authorize Tribeca Wine Merchants to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver your order to you.
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